October 13-14, 2023
Noida Institute of
Engineering & Technology College Name: Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology

Greater Noida, India


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About Sus-Dev

International Conference on Innovative Practices for Sustainable Development: Business Management & Analytics will be organized from 13 October to 14 October 2023 at Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida, India. The conference is organized with the objective of bringing together innovative scientists, professors, research scholars, Government officials, students and industrial experts in the field of sustainable development to a common forum.

The scope of ICSD,23 Conference is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, Government officials, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in various issues related to sustainable development. It allows participants an opportunity to discuss the recent developments in the field of sustainable development and review challenges faced by the governmentt of different nations . Policy Implications sought to be analysed.


TRACK I: Marketing Analytics For Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Marketing
    Data Driven Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Development
    Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
    Marketing Strategies of Rural Consumers
    Analytics of Social Media Data
    Green Distribution Channel & Networks
    Digital Marketing and Sustainability.

TRACK II: Financial Technologies For Sustainable Development

    Blockchain-A Financial Technology for Future Sustainable Development
    Role Of ICT in Banking & Financial Services
    Green Business Models
    Green Investing Strategies for Financial Inclusion
    Sustainable Accounting Practices & Procedures
    Digital Banking Practices
    E-Wallet Green Financing

TRACK III: HR Analytics For Sustainable Development

    Sustainable HRM
    Artificial Intelligence in HRM
    Predictive Analytics in HRM
    Explainable AI in Human Resource Management
    Green HR Practices & Strategic Implementation
    Sustainable Online Recruitment & Selection
    Green Reward Management
    Green Performance Management
    Knowledge Management
    Cross Cultural Management

TRACK IV: Intelligent Computing For Sustainable Development

    Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development
    Deep Neural Networks for Sustainable Development in Smart City
    Computational Intelligence-Based Optimization Techniques for Business Process Management
    Methods & Applications of Deep Learning in Smart Manufacturing
    Intelligent Computing for Green Sustainability
    Robotics For Sustainable Manufacturing in Industry 4.0
    Blockchain Technology for Agricultural Supply Chain Management
    Computational Intelligence for Biodiversity Conservation
    Cloud Technologies for On-Demand Education System
    Robotic Process Management for Business Automation
    Cases On Augmenting Business Sustainability Through Computational Intelligence Methods
    Application Of Machine Learning Framework for Next-Generation Wireless Networks: Challenges and Case Studies

TRACK V: Business Analytics

    Internet of Things & Industry 4.0
    Applying new ICT Tools for Business
    Data-Driven Analytics and Business Management
    Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
    Business Intelligence and Technological Advancements in social media
    Big Data Analytics and Algorithms in Education Technologies and E-Learning
    Innovations in Product and Service Design
    Foster Innovations in Operations Management
    The emergence of “new markets* under the changed global scenario

TRACK VI:Technical Policy Implications For Sustainable Development

    Green Economic Policies, Strategies & Initiatives
    Use of ICT in Higher Education
    Sustainable Resource Management for Socio-Economic Development
    Role Of Private Sector in Achieving the SDGs
    Addressing Social Inequality in Sustainable Development
    Circular Economy and Sustainable Development
    Sustainable Supply Chain Models
    Entrepreneurial Innovation
    CSR Perspective of Green Initiatives
    Integrated Holistic Eco-Information System
    Digitalization and Innovation of Current Business Models, Business Risk and Mitigation
    Climate Change and Climate Protection Via Sustainable Business Development



All registered papers will be submitted for publication in EAI CORE series as a proceedings book and made available through European Union Digital Library (EUDL).

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Important dates

Full Paper Submission deadline
20 September 2023
Notification deadline
30 September 2023
Camera-ready deadline
6 October 2023
Start of Conference
13 October 2023
End of Conference
14 October 2023